Monday, June 16, 2008

Change in Direction

I have decided to change direction of my shop. I am really not enjoying selling other companies yarns for various reasons: waiting to get my order only to not get the whole order, rude and unrelyable sales reps, colors not how I thought they would be etc. Also, when customers do come they comment that they only want to buy my hand dyes since everything else is available everywhere else.

I even brought in a ton of yarn from Garnstudio in Norway and that did not do well at all either, despite the low price points. Therefore, I have decided to go solo and only sell my own hand dyed yarns and patterns. I guess I just had to face the facts that I do not like working for anyone else period.

I also realize that I love doing shows and traveling the country meeting my customers in person! I will definitely be doing more of that again. I guess I am just not sedentary enough to stay in one place.

I am moving my shop to West Van Nuys for a location where my rent is almost $600 a month cheaper. I forsee a lot of difficult times ahead, so I am trying to be proactive by preparing myself early.