Friday, March 19, 2010

The "I Sit on Acid" Colorway is a hit!

Last weeks show was awesome! A ton of happy, creative customers purchased my hand dyed "I Sit on Acid" Collection which is new for Spring 2010. No matter how I tried, I just could not go with pastel colors for spring, my brain is just too far out there I guess. I just got more vibrant and more contrasty (that's not a word) and completely out there. Also, seacell as a fiber has been a great hit. I personally find seacell to be one of my new favorite fibers as well. I am trying to decide the line up of fibers I will be concentrating on this year. Definitely more silk, since I am a total silk junkie. Also, I had a special request from a lovely customer from Scotland at the Costa Mesa show last week, asking me to bring in Scottish yarns, so I am currently looking into that, as well as more bamboo and mercerized Egyptian cotton and linen.
I have a small batch of 100% cotton chenile which is so soft and nice, so once I have dyed that up, I will see how everyone likes it.

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