Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Bigmama's Pineapple

As I have mentioned before, I love vintage crochet. My great-grandmother (whom I lovingly called Bigmama) had a lot of crochet items that her mother made and left her. One of my favorites was a table cloth that had an intricate pineapple in the center of it. I have finally figured out how to make this particularly intricate pineapple after years of: try like and over and over again. And before you say it, yes I have searched for it in pattern books (hence the overindulgent purchases to Abebooks and Thriftbooks), to no avail, and in a twisted way, really enjoyed the trial and error aspect overall. Never mind the many unpleasant words I used and created every time I had to rip it apart, but nonetheless, perseverance has finally paid off.
I made the one pictured above using Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread #3 in silver, but my plan is of course to make them using my own Badan ARTisan hand dyed yarns in various weights, and to also play with variations on how to connect them together in various designs. Any suggestions?