Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hard at Work

Ok, so I have been working really hard trying to:

  1. Get all of my products listed up on Etsy
  2. Get all of my products photographed
  3. Write out descriptions for all of my products
  4. Make product for my fall shows
  5. Make product for my weekly markets

So blogging has taken a serious back seat to everything, however, I am trying to get a lot better at that and at least post once a week.

Now that its starting to cool off ever so slightly, it is perfect weather for dyeing, knitting and crocheting, and I have been doing a lot of all three. I have also been researching old vintage patterns to add them to my more modern designs as I have always loved vintage crochet and knitwear.

With that said, I have put in a lot of hours and dollars on Abe, which is an awesome sight for book collectors. It is a network of independant used book dealers around the world, and you can purchase all sorts of vintage books and magazines for pennies. In most cases, the shipping costs more than all of the books so I always figure around $4 to $5 per book including the shipping which is usually $3.50 to $3.95, and worth every penny. I have also vastly increased my cookbook collection thanks to Abe Books.

Another one of my favs is, which is the same principal as Abe Books and has a lot of the same book dealers, but some different independant book owners. Thrift Books also has a lot of library books, and despite the descriptions of "good" condition or "fair" condition, all of the books I have received have been in more than acceptable condition considering many of them were under $1. A little tip though when browsing through these sites, try to look for books from the same dealer, most will give discounts on shipping with multiple items.

I got some crochet books from a dealer in London, and amazingly I received my order exactly 1 week later. Each book was $.50 and shipping was $3.95 for each book, so for $12 I got 3 rare old crochet (and 1 knitting) books, which I think is an awesome deal!

Now, back to dyeing!

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Cami said...

Great post. Have fun with your fall shows!!